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Bedside Manhandlers, Scene #01


It’s just another day at the clinic as Bella Rolland and Armani Black, two nurses, take a break in the staff lounge. Bella’s all done with her patients for the day, but Armani’s not so lucky. Unfortunately, she’s been saddled with an annoying and bossy patient, Jennifer White, who has countless complaints and demands. It seems like Armani isn’t going ANYWHERE anytime soon as long as Jennifer keeps up her obnoxious and entitled behavior. Bella listens attentively and sympathizes with Armani, though she wonders if Armani is being too easy on her patient. Bella never lets any of HER patients walk all over her. She’s kind and caring when she can, but ASSERTIVE when she needs to be. Armani sighs- she WISHES she could be more like Bella, but she’s terrified of getting in trouble and losing her job. Bella scoffs- she never gets in trouble for standing up to patients and sometimes, a nurse has to put a patient in her place! Afterward, they become perfect little angels, which can make a nurse’s job MUCH easier. Some of these patients come in so high and mighty that they don’t need bedside manners… they need bedside MANHANDLERS. Bella offers to show Armani exactly how to put Jennifer in her place, and Armani accepts. ‘Follow my lead,’ Bella says with a wink, and they march into Jennifer’s room together. Jennifer’s exactly as Armani described: insolent, bratty, and entitled. But Bella isn’t having ANY of it. She’s going to teach Jennifer a lesson, and show Armani exactly how to do it. The nurses proceed to lightly dominate Jennifer through various raunchy sex acts, ‘manhandling’ her through an orgasmic comeuppance she’ll never forget!

Date: June 7, 2023

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