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Can’t Makeup My Mind, Scene #01


Gizelle Blanco is a makeup artist on a movie set. As she applies makeup on Jayden Cole, she compliments Jayden’s beautiful skin. Jayden loves getting attention and compliments from Gizelle, and tries to flirt with her. But they are interrupted by Freya Parker, who says that the director needs Gizelle to do touch-ups on someone else. While Gizelle is away, Freya tells Jayden that she knows Jayden is trying to flirt with Gizelle, but it won’t work, because Gizelle isn’t interested in women. Jayden asks Freya what makes her so sure Gizelle’s not a lesbian, and Freya says that it’s because SHE has tried to flirt with Gizelle too! But Jayden isn’t convinced, and says that maybe Gizelle just didn’t like Freya’s approach. They agree to see which one of them can win over Gizelle when she gets back. When Gizelle returns, Freya and Jayden both try to ask her out. Gizelle thinks they’re asking her to hang out as friends, and seems interested in both of their proposals. Jayden and Freya start arguing, and pull Gizelle back and forth between them in a tug of war. Gizelle finally demands to know what’s going on, so Freya and Jayden admit that they both like her and wanted to see who she would choose. But Gizelle says that maybe she doesn’t have to choose, because she likes BOTH of them. Naturally, that means it’s time for a sexy threesome!

Date: June 7, 2023

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