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Decorating With Pride, Scene #01


Brittany Andrews is a newly out and proud lesbian. After hiding her true self for so long, she’s ready to let loose and let the WHOLE WORLD know. That’s when she gets an interior decorator, Destiny Cruz, to come over and help her out. As they sit down to talk about decorating ideas, Brittany excitedly throws out her suggestions. Although they’re not bad suggestions, they’re a little over the top, such as having rainbow carpets, statues of naked women, and even lesbian battle axes placed everywhere. Finally, Destiny speaks up, pointing out that, while she’s all for Brittany showing her pride, they can do it in more subtle and classy ways as well. That’s when Brittany becomes a bit embarrassed, realizing that she’s gone a bit overboard. But Destiny is nothing but supportive as their eyes meet, and she reminds Brittany that it’s more important LIVING a lesbian lifestyle than decorating for it. That’s when Brittany becomes even more flustered as she admits that she doesn’t have experience living the lesbian lifestyle yet. She hasn’t even been able to make any connections with fellow lesbians yet, let alone go on any dates. When Destiny smiles and points out that SHE’S now a connection, that’s when sparks really fly!

Date: June 7, 2023

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