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Deserving Of Love, Scene #01


Aiden Ashley and Jezebel Vessir are catching up after not having seen each other in some time. Jezebel is Aiden’s old sponsor and is so pleased to see how Aiden has flourished now that she’s out of recovery. In fact, Aiden is also training to become a sponsor herself. She’s hoping that she can pay Jezebel’s kindness forward to someone who needs it. But when they start talking about their love lives, it’s revealed that Aiden has been avoiding intimacy on purpose. Aiden was a serial cheater who caused so much pain to her past lovers that she feels like this is her rightful punishment. But Jezebel is quick to remind Aiden that she’s put so much hard work into healing and becoming a better person that she DESERVES companionship now. Jezebel speaks the truth, but Aiden is still a bit hesitant. So, Jezebel decides to become a role model for Aiden once more. She comes onto Aiden, who is initially surprised, but soon gives in to temptation. Jezebel takes Aiden on a passionate, intimate sexual escapade, showing Aiden that she truly is deserving of love.

Date: June 7, 2023

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