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Fixing You – Sexbot Repair Diagnostic!, Scene #01


Get ready for an incredible immersive experience with ASMR FANTASY, an erotic roleplay series. Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is the physical tingling sensation brought on by a number of triggers, such as whispers and other soothing sounds used by ASMRtists across the internet. ASMR FANTASY takes that feeling of satisfaction to new heights, with a wondrous level of intimacy. A technician, Serene Siren, enters the room and greets a beautiful android, Christy Love. Speaking in a soothing voice, Serene proudly tells Christy that she is the newest sexbot created by the experts at Pleasure Park. It is Serene’s job to run a full diagnostic on Christy and test that she’s ready for deployment. It’s time to fix any remaining defects or bugs so that Christy’s in tip-top shape for release, and YOU get to watch the thorough procedure! Serene cuts open the plastic tarp covering Christy and then pulls the tarp away, creating some satisfying crinkling sounds as she does so. While explaining everything that she’s doing in her calming voice, Serene proceeds with working on Christy. She wipes Christy’s eyes clean, uses a light to check her pupils, uses compressed air to clean her ears, and uses a tuning fork to test her hearing. Serene also uses an electric screwdriver to tighten some screws, tests the elasticity of Christy’s skin, checks her reflexes, and makes sure Christy’s ‘squirt’ fluid levels are correct. She then flicks some switches to do further tests on Christy, and applies lube to Christy’s vagina to get it nice and wet. Of course, testing a sexbot’s functionality would not be complete without having sex with her, so naturally Serene has sex with Christy as well, while you get to enjoy the sight (and sounds)! This video contains whispering and soft-spoken words, plastic crinkling sounds, whooshing sounds, tuning fork sounds, electric screwdriver sounds, skin contact sounds, wet sounds, flicking switch sounds, tapping sounds, and binaural/3D audio.

Date: June 7, 2023

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