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Housewife’s Strap Distraction, Scene #01


Summer Vixen is relaxing in her living room, waiting for her wife Ellen to arrive home for their anniversary dinner. But instead, Summer gets a surprise visit from Ellen’s personal assistant, Victoria Voxxx. Victoria is holding a gift-wrapped box at her waist in front of her, covering her groin area as she explains that Ellen is stuck in meetings and will have to miss the dinner. Because of this, Ellen sent along a special anniversary gift to make up for it. Summer is upset about her anniversary being ruined, and tells Victoria she doesn’t want a pity gift from her wife. Victoria is sympathetic, reassuring Summer that Ellen cares about her very much. Victoria then lifts the lid of the gift box, revealing that the box is actually empty and has a hole cut in the back of it. Victoria was using the box and the hole in it to cover the STRAP-ON that she’s been wearing the whole time. With that reveal, Victoria announces that SHE’S the anniversary gift! Victoria explains that Ellen sent her along to make sure that Summer’s anniversary is an unforgettable one. Summer is shocked and aroused by the size of the strap-on, and excitedly invites Victoria inside for an energetic sex session. Inspired by the Japanese hentai trend, Ahegao Extreme Orgasms shows what it would look like if a woman could be so overwhelmed by sexual pleasure that her brain overloads! Enjoy the view as Victoria pounds into Summer’s pussy with a sexy strap-on… then her fingers… and then her FIST, all while Summer’s eyes roll back and her mouth hangs open!

Date: June 7, 2023

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