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How Do You Know?, Scene #01


Phoebe Wren (Anna Claire Clouds) is a famous actress and model going through an existential crisis after a public scandal. Ever since then, she’s bitterly hidden herself away, putting her already rocky career even more at risk. Then one day, after ignoring multiple phone calls and texts, Phoebe walks downstairs and finds a cheerful stranger in her home. The stranger introduces herself as Piper (Laney Grey), a writer sent by Phoebe’s management team. She’s been tasked with helping Phoebe with her PR and getting her back in the public’s good graces… and what better place to start than by ghostwriting Phoebe’s memoires? Phoebe ISN’T thrilled to hear this, her guard up as she scathingly insists that NO ONE wants to know the REAL her. This doesn’t deter Piper at all, who not only becomes more curious but determined to find a way over Phoebe’s walls. Piper continues probing throughout the day, much to Phoebe’s dismay, though Phoebe finally decides to get it over with once Piper brings up Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend, Trevor. It’s definitely a pain point, with Piper believing what everyone else believes: that Trevor had an affair and ran away with her personal assistant, Luna. But Phoebe finally sets the record straight with Piper, admitting that she never loved Trevor… she was actually in a forbidden lesbian relationship with Luna! Phoebe loved her, which is why she was devastated when Luna had an affair and ran off with Trevor, who had only ever been her boyfriend to keep up public appearances. As Phoebe continues to talk about how she had to keep herself deep in the closet to protect her image and career, Piper’s heart goes out to her. Seeing this vulnerability and realizing how tormented Phoebe’s been because she’s had no one to talk to touches Piper deeply and creates an unexpected spark. Once Piper brushes aside Phoebe’s hair and their eyes lock, it’s time for Piper to show Phoebe that she’s not alone and that she’s worthy of love.

Date: June 7, 2023

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