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I Always Go To Bed Nude!, Scene #01


Freya Parker and her friend Leana Lovings are excited as they settle in to have their first slumber party. They excitedly chatter as they learn a little more about each other and Leana asks why Freya never attends group slumber parties. Freya’s embarrassed at first but, after some gentle probing, admits that she has a quirk: she has to go to bed in the nude! Although Leana is naturally surprised to hear this, she is totally accepting of Freya’s quirk. She admits that she herself has one: she has to listen to whale sounds to drift off. Sure, it’s not quite as out there but it’s still something! But admitting as such is enough to put Freya at ease, and they soon get ready for bed. But as they do, Leana can’t help but sneak a few glances at Freya’s nakedness as she undresses… Later that night, Leana gets up to use the bathroom but when she returns, she finds that Freya has removed her covers while dozing, exposing her cute, naked body. Leana is unable to resist staring, slowly burning up with lust, though she keeps her hands to herself. Wanting to initiate more and get closer, she soon stirs Freya to ask if SHE can be in the nude, too. Of course, Freya doesn’t mind, but as they lie side-by-side, stealing hungry looks at each other’s naked bodies, it doesn’t look like they’ll be getting any shut-eye any time soon!

Date: June 7, 2023

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