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Idle Fantasies: Center Of Attention, Scene #01


A shy scientist, Spencer Bradley, who has never put much thought into her appearance, has to present a keynote speech at an upcoming conference, and goes to a fashion designer, Penny Barber, to have an outfit made for the event. As soon as they meet, Penny has eyes for Spencer but tries to remain professional. However, when Spencer reveals that she’s shy and doesn’t want a flashy dress, Penny insists that this is Spencer’s special night — she deserves to be the center of attention! That’s when Penny decides to seduce the adorkable scientist as a way to help Spencer come out of her shell. It starts off innocently enough with the measurements. But as Penny encourages Spencer to shed more and more articles of clothing, Spencer starts to become flustered. Spencer becomes even MORE flustered as Penny carefully takes her measurements, her hands grazing over Spencer’s warm skin. Penny soon turns up the heat, encouraging Spencer to be more open about her accomplishments and how she deserves all the attention she’s getting… including from Penny herself. Feeling emboldened and eager for a new experience, Spencer decides to put her reservations aside… Suddenly, Spencer is beautifully overwhelmed with all kinds of new sensations as Penny takes good care of her. As they take turns caressing each other’s breasts and eating pussy, Spencer can’t help but wonder why she denied herself for so long. Then, when Penny breaks out the strap-on, Spencer excitedly realizes that there’s no way she’ll ever deny herself the joys of being the center of attention ever again.

Date: June 7, 2023

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