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In Tune, Scene #01


Pristine Edge is busy giving Kylie Rocket a private piano lesson. But as they work together, it doesn’t take long for Kylie to get frustrated with herself. Although Pristine tries to help her work through the frustrations, her fingers gliding along the keys, Kylie soon admits that it’s not really the piano frustrating her… Pristine is shocked when Kylie admits that she only took piano lessons to get close to Pristine. She is just in love with Pristine’s vibe and how pretty she is, and wanted an excuse to be around her. Although Pristine tries to remain professional, she has to admit that SHE wants to get to know Kylie more outside of just taking piano lessons as well… Although they know they shouldn’t, neither one of them can resist coming together for a kiss, and it isn’t long before the piano is completely forgotten about.

Date: June 7, 2023

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