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Playing Hooky, Scene #01


Today’s a school day, but Eliza Ibarra isn’t feeling in tip-top shape, so she’d like to stay at home. Her parent, Siouxsie Q, loves her so much and just hates to see her little darling all cold and clammy. She wants Eliza to rest up and regain her strength so that she can finish her senior year with flying colors! But when Siouxsie leaves for work, it’s revealed that Eliza’s not feeling sick at all. In fact, she’s feeling positively ENERGIZED for some lesbian sex with her girlfriend Gizelle Blanco. Gizelle’s been waiting under the bed the entire time, and just can’t wait to suck on Eliza’s tits and feel her wet pussy against her lips. They waste no time, tossing their clothes aside to have energetic, playful sex on Eliza’s bed. Everyone LOVES playing hooky sometimes, but let’s be real, these girls take it to a WHOLE other level. It’s time to watch and learn, folks!

Date: June 7, 2023

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