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Public Picnic Pick-Up, Scene #01


Liv Revamped and Aaliyah Love are an adoring lesbian couple celebrating their anniversary with a lovely picnic in a public park. They’ve laid out a blanket on the grass, upon which are various cheese, meats, grapes, and other tasty items. They giggle with pleasure as they relax and savor morsels of delicious food, sending each other flirty glances. Before long, they start making out deeply, totally enthralled by each other’s presence. Aaliyah pulls back with a slight chuckle- should they really be doing this RIGHT here? What if someone sees them? Liv assures her that they’re FINE- the park seems empty and it’s a work day so not many people will be around. Aaliyah is won over by Liv’s confidence and decides to keep going. Within a few moments, both women have thrown caution to the wind, having peeled off their clothes and continued into foreplay on the picnic basket. Little to the know, however, but Carolina Cortez has spotted them while jogging through the park. She’s instantly interested in these two bold naked women and runs over to greet them. Liv and Aaliyah are taken aback at first, but when they learn that Carolina would actually want to JOIN them, they are intrigued. Guess adding one more wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it’ll be fun! Carolina joins in, eating them out from behind as they make out side-by-side. Soon enough, however, two more park-goers (Destiny Cruz and September Reign) happen by this public threesome and ask if they can join as well. Liv and Aaliyah look at each other and shrug- the more the merrier! Destiny and September eagerly join the party, followed soon after by Candice Dare, who interrupts her birdwatching when she stumbles upon the rest of the ladies. She joins in, and so does Charlotte Sins, who decides to take a break from cycling to help these female strangers gangbang the living daylights out of Liv and Aaliyah, who love every second of it. What a nice way to celebrate their anniversary: with a public picnic pick-up they’ll ALWAYS remember.

Date: June 7, 2023

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