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Slumber Party Secret, Scene #01


Coco Lovelock is sulking in her bed when she hears a knock at the bedroom door. The door opens to reveal Ava Sinclair, who is holding a pillow and blanket. Ava looks around, puzzled ‘where IS everyone? Isn’t TONIGHT the slumber party?’. But Coco bitterly informs Ava that she canceled the event due to some troubling revelations that have surfaced in recent weeks. It is quickly revealed that Coco canceled the slumber party because Ava recently came out as a lesbian to her. Coco felt uncomfortable with potentially having Ava around ogling all the other girls and determined that the simplest thing to do was raincheck the event entirely. Ava is hurt, insisting that just because she’s a lesbian doesn’t mean she wants to get with every girl she sees! They’ve been friends for so long, and Ava told her this because she TRUSTED her. Is THIS how Coco is going to repay her trust and loyalty? Coco immediately feels bad and admits that she’s acted as a bad friend. After thinking it over for a few moments, Coco invites Ava to stay the night as she intended. Ava happily accepts, and we see the girls happily go through various activities, all their worries melting in the glow of their salvaged friendship. Sometime later, Coco is brushing Ava’s hair when she admits something quite shocking to Ava. Coco didn’t really cancel the slumber party because Ava came out, she did it because she’s struggling with her OWN sexuality as well. Coco didn’t want any of the other girls to catch her checking them out, which would have surely led to the other girls gossiping about her at school. At the same time, Coco IS curious about lesbian sex, and now that Ava has come out as lesbian herself… maybe they could practice together. Ava loves the idea and agrees to hook up with Coco, promising to keep the events of this X-rated slumber party a secret forever.

Date: June 7, 2023

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