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Time Of Need, Scene #01


Morgan Anderson (Joanna Angel) explains the services of her company, Free Use Industries, to a curious Bella Rolland. As Bella asks questions to better understand the nature of the company’s operations, it is revealed that the company is a discreet organization that offers a unique and unusual sexual service that only a few know about. Using the company’s app, ‘clients’ can have no strings attached, ‘free-use sex’ with a ‘representative’ of their choosing, anytime and anywhere… even in public. The representatives have consented in advance to the process. Bella is interested in becoming a representative. Bella goes on to briefly talk about why she wants to become a representative, explaining that her roommate, Keira Croft, is going through a difficult time right now because her grandmother has died. Bella wants to take care of everything concerning their living arrangements for the next few months, in order to give Keira some headspace to grieve. However, this is going to make things tight until Keira is back on her feet, which is why Bella has come to Free Use Industries. Morgan is warmed by Bella’s thoughtfulness for her friend, but reminds her that she needs to be discreet, and never talk about the company or its services in public. So whenever a client is interested in having sex with Bella, the client will use the code phrase ‘expect the unexpected’. Bella confirms that she understands and consents to everything, and Morgan wishes her well. Days later, a vigil for Keira’s grandmother is taking place in the living room. Bella is consoling Keira, who is thankful for her company. Keira doesn’t think she has the strength to handle greeting and socializing with people, but Bella assures her that she’s here for her as moral support in her time of need. Keira then summons the strength to greet people: Sheryl Ho, Jessie Lee, and the church minister Biish Bullard. The next person to arrive is Kira Noir, who offers her condolences to Keira, then looks directly at Bella and reminds her to… EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Bella’s eyes go wide with shock, clearly not expecting a client to be HERE of all places, but she knows the free-use rules and consented to them. Kira starts to have sex with Bella, much to the shock and surprise of those around them. Keira is especially freaked out by Bella’s outrageous behavior, unable to understand why her friend is doing this in her time of need. Bella does her best to tell Keira that she really IS here for her, even as Kira is fingering and eating out her pussy…

Date: June 7, 2023

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