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We ALL Deserve A Day Off!, Scene #01


Mackenzie Mace, with her backpack slung over her shoulder for school, says goodbye to her stepmom, Brittany Andrews, who is leaving for work. Although Mackenzie is sweet, as soon as Brittany is out the door, she takes out her cellphone. She sneakily invites her girlfriend, Aften Opal, over, showing that she has NO INTENTIONS of going to school that day! A few minutes later, Aften arrives and the girlfriends eagerly start kissing and fondling each other. But their alone time is short lived when Brittany arrives home, having forgotten her purse, and catches them playing hooky… and then some. Although Brittany is shocked, she’s also secretly a little aroused. She recovers enough to get the girls’ attention, scolding them for skipping school. The girls explain that school works them so hard that they NEVER get enough quality time together, so they wanted to take just one day off to be together. They compare their situation to how busy Brittany has been at work, which starts to gain her sympathy… although the girls notice that Brittany also seems suspiciously flustered. That’s when the naughty girls start to seduce Brittany, convincing her that SHE could use a day off from work so that they ALL can have fun TOGETHER!

Date: June 7, 2023

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