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We Like Girls – Kira & April, Scene #01


And we’re back for another episode of We Like Girls! I greeted Kira Noir first and made sure to get her out of the LA heat and into our cooled-down location. She looked a little giddy, but ultimately excited about her upcoming experience. In her interview, Kira explained why she chose the lovely April Olsen for her We Like Girls experience. She had seen April on social media a few times and had really looked forward to working with her at one point. They had even been booked to work together a few times, but availabilities always seemed to fall through. So, Kira thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work with a girl she’s always been interested in collaborating with. April Olsen matched Kira’s sentiment perfectly, expressing her excitement to work with a ‘truly exceptional Queen’ like Kira. ‘It’s kinda nice that Kira picked me, I gotta be honest,’ April said during her interview, ‘I feel like we’ve been missing each other and now we get to finally ‘hang’ like girls do!’ One thing that really stood out to me on this shoot was just how eloquent and open these two women are about their sexuality, especially when it relates to lesbian sex. Truly, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d come up with, and I have no doubt that you will LOVE what we’ve put together this time around. Enjoy! Bree Mills

Date: June 7, 2023

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